Fish Baps (Burgers)

Fish fillet burgers, but yummy, not the crumbed crap out of a box- and yet surely, just as quick and easy to make!


  • Fresh rolls (make your own using my Crusty Olive Oil Bread recipe, just breaking the dough into 100g ball)
  • 2 large White fish fillets, halved or quartered (to fit on a burger bun, taking into consideration some fish might shrink a bit)
  • Enough flour to coat your fish on one side
  • A pinch or two (depending on how hot you like it) Cayenne Pepper
  • Salt & Pepper
  • enough finely grated Parmesan to cover one side of your fillets (buy the block, grate it fresh!)


  1. On grease proof paper season your fillets with salt and pepper, pinch or two of cayenne and cover with a layer of flour (about 1/2 cup according to original recipe)
  2. Heat olive oil in pan and fry fish until golden, flip over and sprinkle Parmesan onto top.

Serve on warmed rolls with fresh cress and tartare sauce with a side of mushy peas.


Totally part of my Jamie Oliver love-affair at the moment. Needed inspiration for a fish meal and while the kids were having hamburgers on the same night, thought about fish burgers and there was Jamie, perfect recipe at the ready!

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