Eggs Benedict

Delicious airy English Muffins topped with Kassler Ham (or Champagne Ham) and a perfectly poached egg and everything generously drizzled with a rich velvety Hollandaise sauce… Mmmm!



  1. Add a tablespoon of Hollandaise sauce to the centre of a plate and place on top the toasted English muffins (sliced) and add another tablespoon Hollandaise over them.
  2. Top with warmed slices of meat and poached eggs.
  3. Drizzle liberally with Hollandaise sauce
  4. Serve warm

Notes – if you don’t have an egg poacher, I’ve seen many different ways (and tried them all) of poaching an egg. From the swirling vortex in a pot of boiling water (with a touch of vinegar) to the egg broken into silicon baking cups in a pan of water. The best one I have found thus far, and an easy way to make a couple at a time, was from the My Kitchen Rules reality show – this is how they do it:

MKR Poached Eggs

  • Take a square of plastic wrap (clingwrap) and brush inside with some sunflower oil
  • Place the square over a wide rimmed espresso cup (or something similar…I’ve just found my espresso cups to be the perfect size) and push in the middle to form a pocket.
  • Break an egg into the clingwrap pocket and bring the sides together to close the parcel and give it a twist or two at the top. I’ve found those plastic bread tags work wonderfully to keep the twisty from undoing, so I always have a few of those on hand.
  • Place the egg parcel in the round of an egg tray while you do the others so that it doesn’t get squashed.
  • Boil a pot of water and when it is rapidlly boiling, add your parcels of eggs – now what I do is push the top of the clingwrap against the side of the pot so that they don’t drift around in the pot.
  • Depending on how many eggs you’ve got in there, poach like this for about 2.5 minutes.
  • Immediately transfer to a container of cold water to stop the cooking process. Check the eggs and if they are done to your liking, serve. Else, pop them back into the boiling water for a few seconds and repeat.

For something just as nice, try the vegetarian option – Eggs Caprese!


Eggs Benedict is also known as “Special Breakfast” in our house and is very much the favourite of Rick and the kids – seriously, I cannot make anything else that is gobbled up with so much gusto, not even Mac’n’Cheese (which is supposedly the kids all time best meal).

It is definitely the go-to breakfast for special occasions and is always served on Rick’s birthday and New Year’s morning.

Happy New Year everyone!

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