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French Onion Soup

In days long ago, long enough for the memories, if they were photographs to be somewhat hazy and most definitely in sepia tone, I was young and vibey and made a point in my up-and-coming executive career, to go to a particular stylish cafe (can’t recall the name now) in Rosebank Mall in Johannesburg. Oh-so-funky, I’d stand in the queue to be seated, and all alone (no company needed), ordered French Onion Soup for brunch. Afterward I’d amble through the

Crostini with Roasted Vegetables and Whipped Feta

Amazingly flavoursome – an ideal light supper, a very impressive finger food at a party, or even a most delightful little appetizer. Ingredients 1 Large French Loaf Oven roasted vegetables – I had: Butternut Eggplant Baby Marrow Red Sweet Peppers Sundried Tomatoes Olives Whipped Feta Fresh Herbs to compliment the vegetables – I had: Sage for the Butternut Basil and Oregano for the Mediterranean Veg Method How to Roast Vegetables Cut vegetables as desired – eggplant I do in round